Some success story examples where fragrance had a recognized key role

When we have developed in 2000 the Absolue range fragrance, the brief from the marketing was mainly focus on a new target Women 50+ and a new ingredient (Pro-xylane) from the Research with a great efficacy on this type of skin and as usual a global and universal fragrance proposition to please all women 50+ in the world.

What a program!

We have started by collect and complile information on women 50+, their type of life, their tastes….

After we have addressed a brief to 3 core-listed fragrance suppliers we have chosen thanks to their knowledge on the topics. 

Based on our technical expertise and all these market and consumer insights data, we have selected 3 different fragrances:

Fragrance A: Floral iris, powdery to express comfort, security and dream (also make-up universe) by this time

Fragrance B: Floral rose, aldehydic classic, slighty noticeable, to express “good cosmetics”

Fragrance C: Fresh (bergamot), Floral green to express happiness, good mood…

In parallel the product brief has evolved and the scientific ingredient from Nature was confirmed. The project was strategic for the brand with an extensive line: day product, night product, eye product, foundation, body product and hand cream will come year +1.

The claims were specified.

We designed a sniff test with evaluation on items for the 3 fragrances which had been adapted in the formula (day cream).

Some items were significantly different:

Freshness: 16 for Fragrance B versus 7 for Fragrance A

Hydrating function: 28 for Fragrance B versus 23 for Fragrance A

Natural: 26 for FB versus 22 for FA and 21 for FC

Put me in a good mood: 57% for FB vs 52% FA and 53% FC

Comfort, anti-ageing better for FC versus FA and FB

Considering the final concept of the cream and the future claims, the Fragrance B has been chosen.

A protocol has been designed with the university (CNRS) of Sensory Neuroscience at Lyon (France) to better understand the effects of a fragrance in a cosmetic product for women 50+.

You will find enclosed the poster of the publication and the summary which has been communicated in IFSCC2006 in Osaka then IFSCC2007 in Amsterdam.

We have demonstrated a beneficial effect of scented cosmetic products applied during 5 days, on mood and emotion on menopausal women with a

This study gave evidence of explicit and implicit effects of familiarization to a scented (fragrance B) cosmetic products.

Enhanced positive emotions and relaxing effects were reflected in psychophysiological responses

with Fragrance B versus control Fragrance.

Anhedonia around menopause is an interesting parameter to explore

This study suggests that women with an higher level of anhedonia can benefit from the olfactory enrichment provided by a fragrance in skin care

The Fragrance of Absolue range hasn’t change since its first launch.

With the renewal of the range (2004 & 2009 ), the fragrance has always been adapted in new formula to capitalize on its benefits.