As the beauty industry embraces a new, holistic direction, The Smell & Taste Lab is eager to guide you through these transformative times. Our founder, Anne Abriat, has penned an insightful article in the April 2024 issue of HPC Today Journal (“Multisensory congruence of touch and smell and its impact on emotions”), shedding light on the profound connection between multisensory experiences and emotional well-being.

Multisensory congruence of touch and smell and its impact on emotions

In this article, Anne Abriat addresses the rise of holistic beauty—a core topic at the recent IFSCC & Pangborn 2023 conferences. The focus? How the harmonious interplay of touch and smell is instrumental in influencing our emotions, overall well-being and product liking.

With consumer demand veering towards products that offer holistic and enriching experiences, TSTLab’s research within this article presents a compelling narrative on multisensory congruence. It’s a deep dive into the symbiotic relationship between sensory experiences and skin health, underscoring the potent impact on emotional states.


Here’s Why You Should Read It:

  • Discover the burgeoning concept of Emotional Cosmetics.
  • Learn how multisensory congruence can redefine beauty standards.
  • Gain insights into the holistic approach reshaping the future of skincare and wellness.

This publication is a testament to TSTLab’s commitment to advancing the beauty industry through science and sensory experiences. We extend heartfelt thanks to tks | publisher for the opportunity to share our research.


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