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Bond & Learn: Workshops Delving into Fragrance, Flavor, and Cosmetic

Elevate your team’s knowledge and passion for the intricate realms of fragrance, flavor, and cosmetic. We offer a large palette of customised and multi-sensorial workshops:

Perfumery History & geography

Journey through time to discover the evolution of perfumery. From ancient rituals to modern-day luxury, understand the cultural, social, and scientific shifts that shape the world of fragrances.

Fragrance Education & Olfactive Profile

Unravel the complexities of scent profiles. Learn to distinguish between top, middle, and base notes, and understand the intricate balance that creates a memorable and harmonious fragrance.


Explore the profound connection between scent and emotion. Delve into the science behind how fragrances evoke memories, influence moods, and play a pivotal role in our daily experiences


Master the art of sensory assessment in the realms of fragrance, flavors, and cosmetics. Equip yourself with the techniques to evaluate products objectively and understand nuances.

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Olfactory Education: Anne Abriat’s Expertise on Swiss Radio RTS

Episode: “Zoom sur la rééducation olfactive” (June 20, 2022)

Our founder Anne Abriat discussed the challenges faced by many post-Covid in regaining their sense of smell. She highlighted the importance of olfactory re-education and the innovative techniques used at The Smell & Taste Lab.

Episode: “Mettre des mots sur les odeurs” (3 March 2022)

Highlighting the significance of our sense of smell, this episode featured our founder Anne Abriat and sensory analysis expert Pascale Deneulin (Institute of Oenology of Changins, HES group, Switzerland).

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