In a significant stride from the lab to the library, The Smell & Taste Lab proudly announces the recent contribution of its founder, Anne Abriat, to the groundbreaking book, “Sensory Ingredients, Olfaction,” published by Cosmetic Valley Editions.

This collaborative effort, led by Abriat alongside Daniel Colletta, Michel Grisel, and Emmanuelle Samson, marks a pivotal moment in the exploration of fragrances within the cosmetic industry—a domain central to The Smell & Taste Lab’s core mission.


The highlighted chapter, “Fragrance Strategies for Each Cosmetic Product,” provides a comprehensive examination of the intricate role fragrances play in elevating consumer experience and optimizing product performance. From the strategic alignment of brand scents to the nuanced challenges of fragrance selection—such as addressing issues related to heat, sweat, and phototoxicity—the chapter leaves no olfactory stone unturned.


Notably, the exploration extends to the diverse responsibilities of formulators across products ranging from sun care to makeup. The chapter also casts a forward-looking gaze on the future of fragrances, spotlighting the importance of natural ingredients, sustainability, and the emerging role of artificial intelligence in shaping olfactory experiences.

Gratitude is extended to the co-authors—Daniel Colletta, Michel Grisel, and Emmanuelle Samson—and contributors Marion Bonnefille, Juliette Hoyez, Jean-Noel Jaubert, and Sylvie Jourdet for their invaluable insights. Special acknowledgment is reserved for the book coordinators Geraldine Savary and Michel Grisel, as well as the entire team at Cosmetic Valley Editions for fostering this collaborative masterpiece

book isn’t just for industry experts; it’s a must-read for anyone intrigued by the world of cosmetic fragrances. Overflowing with valuable information, it stands as a testament to the collaborative spirit driving innovation in the beauty and health industry. Whether you’re immersed in the field or simply curious, “Sensory Ingredients, Olfaction” is an essential addition to your reading list.


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