Olfactive Reeducation & Education



We specialise in olfactive reeducation & education, helping individuals regain

and refine their olfactory senses.

Personalised Olfactive Training

Understanding that every individual’s olfactory journey is distinct, we offer customised olfactive reeducation and education tailored to your specific needs. Through custom tests, our primary goal is to assess and establish a comprehensive profile of a client’s olfactory capabilities, especially for those who struggle to detect certain molecules or face challenges post certain illnesses. Beyond assessment, our dedicated guidance aids in the development and enhancement of one’s ability to perceive scents, ensuring a holistic approach to olfactive reeducation and education.

olfactive reeducation: essential oils
olfactive reeducation

Swissmedic Network Excellence

As a recognized referent in the Swissmedic network (Générale-Beaulieu Clinique in Geneva), our expertise is unparalleled.

We’ve been instrumental in the development of advanced toolkits, such as the ortho and retro-nasal toolkit (TR). This project, funded by Innosuisse and endorsed by the Changins Advanced School of Viticulture and Oenology (from HES-SO), aims to enhance the diagnostic capabilities of ENT specialists and medical teams. Our collaboration ensures that patients receive the most comprehensive care and assessment for their olfactory needs.

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Olfactory Education: Anne Abriat’s Expertise on Swiss Radio RTS

Episode: “Zoom sur la rééducation olfactive” (June 20, 2022)

Our founder Anne Abriat discussed the challenges faced by many post-Covid in regaining their sense of smell. She highlighted the importance of olfactory re-education and the innovative techniques used at The Smell & Taste Lab.

Episode: “Mettre des mots sur les odeurs” (3 March 2022)

Highlighting the significance of our sense of smell, this episode featured our founder Anne Abriat and sensory analysis expert Pascale Deneulin (Institute of Oenology of Changins, HES group, Switzerland).

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