#Odour #Smell #Olfaction #Research

The sixth edition of the GDRO3 annual meeting took place via videoconference on 25 November 2021.

Thanks to the organisers Nathalie Mandairon , @Arnaud Fournel and @Moustafa Bensafi from CNRL Lyon.

Congratulations to the expert presenters, researchers and scientists for their excellent talks!

It was fascinating to listen to the results of your research focused on Odorant, Odour or Olfaction on the plant and its host, the bee and pheromonal information, olfactory communication of birds in the choice of a partner, the rabbit during the weaning period.

In humans, to hear the latest work on smell and taste, on relaxing stimuli, smells and music, the interdisciplinary approach to subjective olfactory experience.

Olfaction initiatives with Olfactory Rehabilitation in associations and olfactory workshops for high school students…

Preserve your olfactory sense.

See you in 2022!