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« The Smell and Taste Lab was born from my passion for fragrances & sensory, combined with my curiosity to understand their impact on well-being and health.

From my earliest childhood in the roses garden of my grand’mother in the East of France, I was further inspired by crossing the path of famous professionals and by my close collaboration with the academic Community as well as startups.

My background as Chemical Engineer, specialized in Perfumery developed over 25 years with positions in the R&D – Marketing – Innovation Departments of leading companies in Cosmetics and Healthcare, and my broad professional network, led me to create The Smell & Taste Lab. »


Anne Abriat is author of 

Scientific Publications*

More than 14 scientific publications in Neurosciences from 2003 till today, at Boston, Orlando, Osaka, Amsterdam, Zurich, Yokohama, Barcelona, Dresden, Trieste… for ECRO, IFSCC and PANGBORN organizations. *List of publications to upload


2 patents in Fragrance & Skin care in international conferences and scientific journals.




With TSTLab, I enrich my experience with the projects entrusted by clients.

Our projects are human adventures and they cover different topics:

  • The valorization of ingredients until they are placed on the cosmetics markets.
  • The Business Development Strategy
  •  The price strategy of the ingredient in its  Market environment.
  • The sensory specifications of the ingredient
  • The identification of innovative research topics with their adequate experts.
  • The development of private-public research collaboration projects
  • The identification of startups in the desired environment, for the right challenges.

These scientific consulting in Innovation with its client are long-lasting and sustainable.
 Some will continue with an independant board administrator role and position

Thank you to all my past and present customers who trust The Smell & Taste lab.
And in the future to come, to all potential and prospect clients, feel free to discuss on your future needs and challenges.

Anne Abriat brings along


  • 30 years of experience in the Beauty Industry for local and worldwide brands
  • 16 years of R&D in Research center for Skin care, development for laboratories of all product categories; Skin care, Makeup, Hygiene, Body care, Fragrances…in at interface with Marketing of all types of distribution  14 years R&D Skin care, development for laboratories in all segments
  • 8 years in Marketing Strategic and Prospective, for Lancôme and other brands
  • Creation of sensory and emotional signature for Luxury brands
  • Fine Fragrance expertise applied to major mature markets and emerging (China, Brazil, Russia, Emirates…)
  • Modelization of studies in Sensory Neuroscience with worldwide multidisciplinary experts to valorize Ingredients, Products, and Brands.
  • 2 years in R&I department, Director of Sensory and Fragrance Innovation Hair & Skin care, Consumer insights studies. 2 to 5 years concepts development.
  • 3 years at COTY Geneva R&D Center of Excellence in Fragrance and Body care, Build Fragrance Innovation mindset in the organization with CI, Procurement, and Marketing, Implement Fragrance sensory designed protocols and Collaborations with Academia, Develop Fragrances for Coty brands’ portfolio.

The expertise of Anne Abriat


Lectures at International Congress, Events, MBA ESSEC, Sciences-Pô, EPFL Food center

Professor at ISIPCA from 1990 to 2002

Volunteer at CEW “Ateliers olfactive – olfactive workshops” in various hospitals in Paris to work on the benefits of Fragrances for patients with different diseases: Cancer, Depression, Alzheimer….

Olfactive training with older people at EMS Les Mouilles: Based on research on Olfaction and age by Professor Hummel from Dresden Carl Gustav Carus Universitatklinikum, we use Olfaction as  stimuli for Olfaction and cognitive senses such as memory, language, and social interactions.

Naturex independent Board member from 2012

Naturex Foundation board member


“If I had to define myself: Strategic, Developer, Creative, Coordinator between products and consumers from different countries of the world, a Facilitator, and a Link between Scientific world and Brands. I like to share and to propose my knowledge to serve your objectives, your expectations for the creation of new fragrances, new cosmetics, new ingredients….”




Armand de Villoutreys

President, Perfumery & Ingredients



Testimonial Firmenich



The objectives of the study have been achieved, and I congratulate Anne on her comprehensive work.  I have no doubt that the study will be very helpful in guiding our strategic thinking.”


« Les objectifs de l’étude ont été atteints, et je t’en félicite.  Nul doute que cela va beaucoup nous aider dans nos réflexions. »




Benjamin Gonzales

CEO Metex



Testimonial Metex

“Anne accompanied us in establishing the commercial strategy for 1,3-propanediol in the cosmetics markets.
Passionate, invested, she brought us her expertise and experience at a strategic and operational level with The Smell & Taste Lab.

Thanks to her network, we have established and validated a value-rich offer that differentiates our products from those of the competition.”

« Anne nous a accompagné pour établir la stratégie commerciale du 1,3-propanediol sur les marchés de la cosmétique. Passionnée, investie, elle nous a apporté avec The Smell & Taste Lab, son expertise et expérience à un niveau stratégique et opérationnel.

Grâce à son réseau nous avons établi et validé une offre de valeur différenciante de nos produits par rapport à la concurrence »




Emmanuel Petiot





Testimonial Deinove

“I met Anne at the start of Deinove’s involvement in cosmetics. She accompanied us with The Smell and Taste Lab on the development and launch of our first carotenoid, Phyt’N Resist. Her expertise, investment, network and tenacity have helped us to develop our range of recognized ingredients at all levels of the value chain. She continues to bring her expertise to us proactively through her role as an independent director on the Board.”

« J’ai rencontré Anne au démarrage de l’ engagement de Deinove dans la cosmetique. Elle nous a accompagné avec The Smell &Taste Lab sur le développement et le lancement de notre 1er caroténoïde, Phyt’N Resist. Son expertise, son investissement, son réseau et sa ténacité nous ont aidés à développer notre offre d’ingrédients cosmetiques reconnus par les acteurs du domaine, à tous les niveaux de la chaîne de valeur. Elle continue à nous apporter son expertise de manière proactive grâce à son rôle d’administrateur indépendant dans le conseil. »

Hervé Quentin

R&D Director




Testimonial SHISEIDO

“I called on Anne, who I met at L’Oréal. We were looking for a well-known person to help us to build a strategic reflection on Fragrance Innovation and thus define our research axes.With The Smell & Taste Lab, she has enabled us to identify, in terms of the state of the art in science and consumer insights, the main areas of innovation for Shiseido group and to gain a lot of time. She has supported us at the operational level and in Open Innovation. We have been able to set up private-public collaborations in strategic themes thanks to her large network of scientific experts and knowledge.Professional, well-known and involved, she has brought her experience to differentiate us from the competition and gain a head start.”

« J’ai fait appel à Anne que j’ai connue chez l’Oréal. Nous cherchions une personne reconnue pour nous aider à construire une réflexion stratégique sur  l’Innovation Parfum et ainsi définir nos axes de recherche. Avec The Smell & Taste Lab,  elle nous a permis d’identifier au niveau de l’état de l’art scientifique et des insights consommateurs, les axes porteurs d’Innovation pour Shiseido group et de gagner beaucoup de temps. Elle nous a accompagné au niveau opérationnel et en Open Innovation. Nous avons pu monter des collaborations privé-public dans des thématiques stratégiques grâce à son large réseau d’experts scientifiques et ses connaissances. Professionnelle, reconnue et investie, elle nous a apporté son expérience pour nous différentier de la concurrence et pour gagner une longueur d’avance. »


More than 12 Publications and 2 patents in Fragrance & Skin care in international conferences and scientific journals.

  • Conference at Marc Giget’s conferences on Innovation (CNAM, Paris, France)
  • Rotary Club
  • Japan chamber of commerce Tokyo

A Network in SENSORY NEUROSCIENCE with worldwide multidisciplinary experts


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