The Smell & Taste Lab –

A passion for fragrances, scents, olfaction, and sensory


The Smell and Taste Lab is born from my passion for fragrances, scents, olfaction, sensory and their impact on our well-being and our health. Sparked by my experiences in the rose garden of my grandmother in Alsace, my skills developed in olfaction, taste, health, well-being and all other chemosensory and sensory neurosciences domains.


25 years of experience

My expertise as a chemical engineer, my experience and my network developed during more than 25 years in R&D- Marketing – Innovation with leading companies in Beauty, Well-being, and Health- Nutrition and my close collaboration with Academia, the scientific world, and start-ups have driven my motivation to build The Smell & Taste Lab, to share my knowledge and Expertise in Science & Marketing.


Direction and scope of work

  • Valorize and Optimize your technological process through innovative products for your customers and your markets

  • Competitive analysis and surveys in different fields of the industry, on Sensory and Emotion supported by a large network of international experts; to detect competitors, talents to capitalize on, and strategic subjects…
  • Mapping of sensory and emotional architectures (Brands & Benches)
  • Develop your sensory signature
  • Brief of innovative and scented mix products
  • Evaluation of mix-sensory products for claims – Designed specific test protocols
  • Scientific studies to prove the benefits of Sensory / Olfaction & Taste on Age, Emotions, Stress, Sleep…..for Well-Being and Health
  • Train & Sensibilize multicultural teams on Sensory
  • Communication on sensory and emotion for product range


The Smell and Taste Lab based in Geneva, Switzerland and works worldwide with Perfumes Experts and Flavors industry Leaders, international scientists in Sensory Neuroscience and Brands from Food, Beauty and Pharma industries